Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Lightroom presets?

A: Lightroom presets are filters which make your photo look a certain way or style with just one click. Normally, editing pictures in Lightroom takes time because there are loads of changes to be made before coming up with the perfect result. When we really like the outcome of a certain edit, we save all the little changes we’ve made to the picture in a preset. The next time we want to edit a picture in the exact same way, we just click on that saved preset and all those little changes are automatically applied to the new picture!

Q: Do you have to pay for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC?

A: Lightroom has 2 versions: one for desktop and one for mobile. For the desktop version you need a monthly or yearly paid subscription. The monthly subscription is about $14,99. The mobile version is completely FREE to download. The mobile version is perfect for quick and easy edits and we love to use it while traveling or being on the road. The desktop version has more options.

Q: Is buying your presets a one-time buy or is there a monthly/yearly fee to be paid?

A: Buying our preset pack is a one-time purchase. Once you buy them, we would recommend to save them on a hard drive, that way, if you ever lose your computer or smartphone, you will still have them for many years to come!

Q: Do you need a professional camera to use your presets?

A: Not at all! Our desktop presets were created and tested on professional photos shot in RAW, but our mobile presets are developed with smartphone pictures in mind. Professional cameras will often shoot in higher quality and in RAW format, which means the pictures will have more information and will be easier to edit, so we would recommend to shoot in RAW for the best possible result. Every good photo starts with a good quality picture, so the higher the quality, the better the preset will look!

Q: I have never used Lightroom, is it hard to use?

A: Lightroom is a program used by all the best professional photographers and because you can do so many things with it, it can be overwhelming at first. That’s why it’s important to have good presets as a beginning to intermediate photo-editor. Having the right presets from the very start will give you an amazing head start over others.

Q: How do I get the presets when I buy them?

A: After the payment has been made, you will automatically receive two e-mails within a couple of minutes. The first one will be a confirmation email, the second one will contain a download link. You can simply click on this download link and download the presets. The mobile presets can be downloaded straight onto the smartphone, the desktop presets have to be downloaded on a computer. 

Q: I bought the presets but I didn’t receive an email with a download link. What should I do?

A: After buying the presets, you should receive two emails. One confirmation e-mail stating your order has been confirmed and one email with a link to download our presets. If you didn’t receive any of those emails, they probably ended up in your spam folder or you have miss-spelled your email address. In this case you should contact us and we will send you the preset pack to the correct email address. If you received the confirmation email, but not the download email, this means your bank hasn’t approved your purchase (yet). This  might take a couple of hours with certain banks and on Sundays. Please contact us if you still haven’t received the download email after 48 hours. Please always check your spam-folder before contacting us about emails you haven’t received first!

Q: How do I install the presets?

A: We have a full installation guide available here

Q: I tried to install the presets on Lightroom on desktop, but it’s not working, what should I do?

A: Most of the time, this issue can be solved by downloading the latest version of Lightroom. Just like some apps won't work on an old iPhone anymore, it's the same for Lightroom. Always have the latest version of Lightroom installed. 

Q: If I don't like the presets, can I get a refund?

A: Since presets are digital goods and cannot be returned, we are unable to issue refunds. 

According to § 19 UStG the invoice amount does not include sales tax.

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